About «Healthcare» magazine

The magazine «Healthcare» is an institution of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, published since September 1924. This is the country’s main monthly scientific and practical polyproblem medical magazine, the only state publication of this type in the Republic. The magazine is distributed exclusively by subscription, it is intended for doctors, medical universities teachers, researchers and organizers of public health services or medical universities senior students.

The history of the magazine is the result of hard work of a large group of researchers and practitioners in the field of scientific knowledge, who’s names are printed on the magazine’s cover. The magazine «Healthcare» most fully reflects the scientific, clinical, organizational and pedagogical activities in the field of native medicine. Thanks to the collective efforts of the members of the editorial board of the magazine — the most famous medical scientists of our country — «Healthcare»  became a mass scientific and practical publication, that plays a leading role in scientific outlook shaping and training of Belarusian doctors. In such columns of the magazine as «Problemnye stat’i» (Problematic articles), «Klinicheskaja medicina» (Clinical medicine), «Original’nye issledovanija» (Original research), «Organizacija zdravoohranenija, gigiena i jepidemiologija» (Health care organization, hygiene and epidemiology), «Lekcii i obzory» (Lectures and reviews), «Diskussii» (Discussions), «Obmen opytom» (Experience exchange), «V pomoshh’ prakticheskomu vrachu»( To help a practical doctor), «Sluchai iz praktiki» (Cases from practice), «Kruglyj stol» (Round table), «Srochnye publikacii» (Urgent publications), «Delovaja informacija» (Business information), «Portret sovremennika» (Portrait of a Contemporary), «V pomoshh’ molodomu uchenomu» (To help a young scientist), «Jurist razjasnjaet» (Lawyer explains) and other the most urgent problems of public health in our country and scientific developments of Belarusian doctors are discussed, as far as novelties of foreign medicine are published.

For 90 years the magazine strives for health protection, high ideals of medical art, mercy and humanism. Magazine’s success and popularity are gained by its close connection with life, practical health care and medical science, following the main traditions of native medicine, a wide and diverse range of problems covered in its pages. Among the authors of the magazine leading medical scientists from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia are represented. «Healthcare»  is famous not only in our country, but also far beyond its borders. According to the Higher Attestation Commission of Belarus, « Healthcare» is the main magazine for publication of academic degrees applicants’ materials.

The magazine is mainly financed by the subscription and advertising activities.

From the second half of 2011 «Healthcare» is distributed in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia and Bulgaria.