For Advertisiers

In 2017 the editors of the magazine «Healthcare» suggest placing advertising and information materials on pages of our publication and its supplement, the magazine «Medical knowledge», intended for specialists with secondary medical education.

The most popular, peer-reviewed monthly scientific medical magazine of Belarus, the official institution of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus is published since 1924. The magazine is the winner of the VIII National Contest of Print Media «Zolotaja Litera» in the nomination «The Best Specialized Publication». According to the rating of the Higher Attestation Commission of Belarus, «Healthcare» ranks 1st among 44 peer-reviewed scientific medical magazines of the country.

The publication is addressed to practitioners, medical scientists, health managers, teachers and students of medical schools, everyone who is deeply interested in medicine. The authors of the magazine are both recognized authorities of medical science, as well as young scientists and practicing physicians, who are published in the sections «Clinical medicine», «Lectures and reviews», «Health organization, hygiene and epidemiology», «In support of a practical doctor», » Original Research «,» Exchange of Experiences «,» Discussions «,» School of a Young Scientist «,» Cases from Practice «,» History of Medicine «. The magazine plays an important role in the professional development of scientific and pedagogical personnel, doctors and specialists with secondary medical education.

The editorial staff hold regular discussions at the round table on topical issues of medicine with the participation of leading specialists and representatives of the Ministry of Health. Discussion materials are published in the magazine «Healthcare», video of the discussions are posted on our website (
On the website you also can get acquainted with the summary of the articles and issues of the current year, and in a year — with the full texts of the articles.

The magazine is distributed by individual subscription (index 74912) and departmental (index 749122) RUE «Belpochta» and RUE «Belsoyuzpechat». Apart from Belarus, the magazine is distributed in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia and Bulgaria.

More detailed information can be found in the editorial office of the magazine «Healthcare» tel. (017) 226 21 66 – manager  Vronskaya Tatyana Petrovna; as well as on the magazine’s website.

We invite all interested in cooperation.

The editor-in-chief — Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Yu. K. Abayev


Requirements for the materials provided for publication.

Media: floppy disks, CD disks, USB devices (if drivers are available).

Illustrations and photos, illustrated texts, figures and logos are accepted:

a) on the media listed above in: .tif format (without compression, 300 dpi), .eps, .cdr (CorelDraw12, fonts in curves), .ai, .ps. Printing out the transferred files is mandatory.

Size of the final advertising material must correspond to the format of the magazine: 199-295 mm, all important information should be placed no closer than 12-15 mm from the edge of the page.

b) in the form of originals of photographs, as well as high-quality images printed in typographical way.

To get a strictly defined color on your printed material, you must provide a CMYK color layout!

If  the requirements above are not met, the editorial board is not responsible for the quality of the printed materials.