Various aspects related to postoperative complications after total endoprosthesis of major joints are considered. Growing number of major joints diseases and of posttraumatic arthrosis is noted. Conservative treatment of degenerative-dystrophic diseases (particularly of the major joints pathologies) most the patients practice makes sense at the initial stage only. Endoprosthesis of major joints is related to the highly complex surgeries and is associated with a significant operative risk. Such surgeries are fraught with complications. Purulent complications were the first surgeons began analyzing. Another significant share of complications following endoprosthesis of major joints is formed by complications of the general somatic nature and clotting disorder. A separate group of postoperative complications is presented by gastrointestinal bleedings. Along with the abovementioned complications, chronic intestinal insufficiency is distinguished today as a clinically significant symptom complex. It is noted that only complex multilevel preventive actions can affect the endoprosthesis quality and minimization of its complications.

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Автор(ы): N. F. Sivets, V. V. Babaren, O. A. Danilenko, V. E. Tchirak