The article represents abstracts on Belarussian rheumatology history since ancient times covering the period beginning from Polotskoe Principality myths till the end of the 20th century. Treatment methods for joints used in the East Slavic folk medicine are being described. The contribution into Belarus rheumatology and the world medical science of such famous doctors as F. Skoryna, K. I. Hubenthal, A.-F. O. Adamovich, F. I. Pasternatsky, B. F. Verigo, K. I. Grum-Grzymaylo, I. M. Dogel, S. S. Zimnitskiy, Ya. G. Etinger, G. Cherge, A. Ya. Prokopchuk, G. H. Dovgyallo, G. P. Matveikov is presented.

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Автор(ы): N. F. Soroka, O. V. Sinyachenko