Objective. To analyze the dynamics of HIV infection incidence among IDUs in the Republic of Belarus.

Materials and methods. An epidemiological analysis of the general and primary incidence of HIV, drug addiction, HIV-infected drug users, their mortality over a 10-year (2008—2017) follow-up period.

Results. The HIV infection general incidence has increased 2.5 times and the primary incidence has increased 2.8 times totally, the primary incidence among HIV-infected drug users (HD) has increased 2.4 times, the drug addiction total incidence has been established to increase 1.5 times for the period of 2008—2017. The death rate among the HIV-infected subjects increased 1.5 times in 2017 with the average value of the visibility coefficient being 132.9%. The rate of increasing of the fatal cases among the HIV-infected was 5.65% on the average and among the HDs — 6.18%. The increase in the general and primary incidence of HIV infection, HDs number and their mortality indicates at the need of improving the medical care and diagnostic algorithm organization at the present stage, of filling the register of HDs, of active population screening in the key population groups at the highest risk of HIV infection.

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Автор(ы): E. P. Stanko, V. M. Tsyrkunov