Objective. To assess feasibility, efficacy, and safety of laparoscopic interventions on colon.

Materials and methods. The outcomes of 66 laparoscopic interventions on colon have been analyzed.

Results. The long-term results of surgeries were shown to be comparable with the open operations and the laparoscopic technique advantages in the early post-operative period were demonstrated. Introduction of elements of the fast track surgery allowed cut the period preceding the flatus passing by 44% in the average [35.4%—52.1]%. The first defecation occurred by 56% quicker after the operation.

Conclusion. Laparoscopic colorectal surgery is relatively safe in case of most colon benign and malignant diseases. When combined with the peri-operational managing in accordance with the fast track surgery principles, it makes possible much quicker post-operational rehabilitation. As to the long-term results, a noticeable reduction of the complications number associated with intraabdominal adhesions is worth to be noted.

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Автор(ы): A. V. Vorobey, A. M. Makhmudov, S. V. Aleksandrov, F. M. Vysotskiy, Yu. N. Orlovsky, Yu. V. Butra, L. A. Selnyagina, Yu. A. Semyonova, N. A. Lagodich, B. Ibragimov, A. M. Starostin