The article is devoted to consideration of the bioethics status in the modern world as an interdisciplinary scientific direction and the applied knowledge realizing the human rights of the new generations as well as the modern communicative practice. The article offers a short excursion to the bioethics development including the bioethical knowledge formation in our country the key international documents on bioethics issues and the bioethics current status with the areas of its application being defined. The main part of the article is dedicated to the bioethics importance for modern healthcare and for every medical worker directly. The authors raise the issues of adherence to the bioethical principles in communication between the physician and the patient (or between medicine and society), the bioethics role in conducting clinical researches and trials, the bioethical committees potential in dealing with the most complex issues of modern medical science and practice, etc. The article notes the role of the National Bioethics Committee for relevant solution of bioethical problems in our Republic. The priorities for the bioethical literacy development in medical workers and in the population bioethical education have been outlined.

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Автор(ы): E. L. Bogdan, V. N. Sokolchik, M. V. Shchaveleva