Narcotism term content has been disclosed. Necessity of preventing addictive behavior as the most efficient and cost-effective strategy has been proved. Preventive measures essence and objectives including the primary prevention have been disclosed. A paradoxial situation existing in the national drugs prevention system when instead of drug prevention the emphasis has been made on pupils testing by examining their presence in biological liquids has been paid attention to. It has been shown that testing results comparing with the real data on drug prevention spreading considered to be miscalculation. Screening using specifically sensitive immune-chromatic tests cannot replace clinic-laboratory and biochemical diagnosis of addictions. The real danger of possible forming the representation of drugs consumption among the young people as a usual practice has been stated. The opinion has been expressed that the aims declared by the testing program cannot be reached and the testing procedure is realized with the constitutional rights and personality freedom violation.

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Автор(ы): F. B. Plotkin