Objective. Increasing the availability and quality of surgical care to rural population in the northwest of Vitebsk region.

materials and methods. An inter-district medical and consulting center for surgery with functions of an emergency medical center for four neighboring districts was organized on the basis of the Braslav Central District Hospital. The head of the Center made trips to serve areas for regular and emergency surgical interventions and consulting patients. The results of the surgical service in the assigned areas activities were analyzed in dynamics.

Results. The project implementation allowed shorten the terms of providing highly qualified emergent surgical care and implement the «golden hour» rule for patients in remote rural areas, improve the surgical activities and reduce the lethality rate in the surgical departments of the designated areas, reduce the number of visits by surgeons from Vitebsk Regional Emergency Medical Care Center and optimize the expenses on health care.

Conclusion. Establishing of inter-district medical treatment and consultative centers partly taking on the functions of the regional «sanitary aviation» in Belarus remote regions should become the basis for the surgical care renovation at the current stage.

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Автор(ы): E. A. Matusevich, A. V. Makarevich