Objective. To identify new sources of blood supply with glucose not associated with liver or kidneys necessary to support the adequate glycemia level during fasting in case of various functional states (at rest and during mental work) when the body need in glucose increases whereas its exogenous income is not possible.

Materials and methods. Endothelial cells of the extremities vessels are an important (primary and/or intermediate) source of the blood glucose on an empty stomach (i.e. during starvation) both under conditions of functional rest and during mental work. Presence of this independent (of the liver or kidney cells) source of blood glucose is confirmed by the following facts: higher (by 0.72±0.16 mm/l, p<0.005) glucose levels in the venous blood (5.55 mm/l) flowing from the non-working hand in 54.5% of the subjects of the 1st group (6 young women of 11 ones) compared to its level in the whole capillary blood (4.83 mm/l) in the same hand in the initial state on fasting (10 to 12 h after meal); a statistically significant frequency (86.1±5.8%, p<0.001) of similar cases of higher venous blood glycemia (31 of 36) measured in the dynamics of subjects mental work under starvation.

Results. The calculated contribution of this endogenous glucose source (vessels endothelial cells as a variety of epithelial cells) in maintaining the glycemia proper level on an empty stomach in a state of functional rest was at 37.7% (p<0.005) improving during mental work under starvation conditions from 14.7% to 29.0% (p<0.01).

Conclusion. Thus, independent of the liver (glygogenolysis and gluconeogenesis in hepatocytes) and kidneys (gluconeogenesis in the renal tubules cells) functioning, the blood vessels endothelial cells (as a primary and/or an intermediate source) and possibly other hand cells and tissues (for example, skin epithelial cells or other cells) served an independent source for glycemia maintenance in a healthy person under conditions of functional rest on an empty stomach and during prolonged mental work while fasting.

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Автор(ы): V. A. Pereverzev, A. S. Blazhko