The review summarizes the data on regulating production, state registration, and medical implementation of a new hemoproduct — platelet-rich plasma (PRP).The approaches to the PRP preparation from large and small volumes of peripheral blood taking into account the medical tasks have been analyzed and summarized and the production steps were described.The DeLong’ classification of PRP based characteristics in source — peripheral blood and platelet concentrateare discussed.The principles for regulating the PRP medical implementation adopted by the Council of Europe and FDA (USA) are presented.The most evident clinical effects of the PRP-based topical therapy have been shown for patients suffering from skin wounds of different origins including not healing and infected ones.Positive experience of medical use in purulent surgery, traumatology and orthopedics, sport medicine, stomatology are presented. The favorable effects of the PRP topical use in others spheres of medicine are briefly summarized. The PRP is concluded to be a new perspective hemoproduct available for medical application.

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Автор(ы): M. P. Potapnev, S. I. Krivenko, V. G. Bogdan, S. M. Kosmacheva, O. L. Shlyaga, F. N. Karpenko