Objective. To study effectivity and safety of the proposed method of phaco in patients with angle-closure glaucoma.

Materials and methods. 50 patients (50 eyes) with different degree of lens-form opacity and angle-closure glaucoma were under the care. 3 clinical groups were allocated: I — patients with cataract and before operated angle-closure glaucoma, II — patients with cataract and not operated glaucoma, III — control group (16 eyes).

Results. Phaco by the proposed method was carried out patients of I and II groups. In control group phaco was carried out by the accepted classical technology. Ophthalmic examination was performed before surgery, on the first day after surgery and during the whole period of inpatient stay. Follow-up period — 6 months.

The proposed method allows to perform the phaco in patients with angle-closure glaucoma with shallow anterior chamber and iris adhesions.

We can confirm conclusively that level of intraocular tension in 1 and 2 groups decreased by 38 and 37% respectively, in the control group this index amounted to 23%. While surgical treatment by the proposed technology we managed to decrease the proportion of intraoperative complications by 34%. The proposed method is easy of use and safe.

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Автор(ы): V. V. Khaliavinskaya, V. L. Krasilnikava