A retrospective analysis of the consultative and diagnostic lung biopsy and / or resection material was carried out in
370 patients (162 male, 208 female) aged from 9 to 80 years who were diagnosed with granulomatous lung diseases in the period from 2018 to July 2021. While analyzing the biopsy material it was found that sarcoidosis (31.35 %) and TB (26.48 %) prevailed in the structure of granulomatous lung diseases; mycobacteriosis was diagnosed in 5.4 %, mycotic infection in 1.89 % of cases. The proportion of infectious granulomatosis was 38.37 %. The etiological diagnosis of granulomatosis was not established in 16.48 % of cases.

Diagnosis of granulomatous lung diseases is based on the identification of granulomas in combination with anamnestic data, typical clinical manifestations, laboratory tests in correlation with the results of X-ray and HRCT studies.

Carrying out a histopathological diagnosis study simultaneously cultural and molecular biology studies (Xpert MTB/Rif test and type-specific probe combination (LPA) method) of “fresh” tissue studies and/or molecular biology studies of histological biomaterials of paraffin blocks improves of results and diagnostic of accuracy, let differentiate of tuberculosis from other granulomatosis and determinate of the drug resistance of mycobacteria, which is important in the reliability of diagnosis and the administration of adequate treatment for tuberculosis.

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Автор(ы): L. K. Surkova, M. I. Dyusmikeeva, O. M. Zalutskaya, A. L. Strinovich, O. M. Burak, N. I. Kudlach