Chronic adrenal insufficiency (CAI) is considered to be a consequence of diseases caused by various pathological processes (autoimmune, tuberculosis, metastases, toxic effects, genetically determined diseases) but the CAI symptom complex is almost identical. Knowledge about the peculiarities of the CAI manifestation and diagnosis is important for doctors of different specialties due to the variety of clinical manifestations. The article describes clinical cases when patients had CAI non-specific clinical manifestations which resulted in late addressing an endocrinologist. Special attention is paid to CAI in the framework of autoimmune polyglandular syndrome. Challenges of laboratory diagnostics and the disease treatment selecting the substitution therapy adequate dose are also considered as well as criteria for estimating CAI compensation when the clinical manifestations such as the body weight maintenance, the blood pressure normalization, the postural hypotension absence, the electrolyte levels estimation are in the foreground.

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Автор(ы): T. V. Mokhort, N. M. Likhorad, O. I. Sukhodolova, E. V. Yurenya, O. N. Shishko, S. A. Cherenkevich