The increase in the power of medical institutions in society is analyzed. The characteristic of biomedicine is given, as well as biomedicalization and geneticization of society which, being a continuation of the medicalization, have significant differences involve transitioning from control over biological phenomena to their purposeful design and the appearance of a new type patients («patients-in-waiting»). The increase in the scale of biomedicalization is not accompanied by an improvement in individual and public health, new risks and dangers are appeared to form a person who is engrossed with about his physical condition to the detriment of the development of spirit and mentality. Biomedicalization and geneticization violate the fragile balance between the natural and artificial in a person’s life, who can go so far trying to get rid of his «natural imperfection», that he can lose himself. Attention was focused on the importance of the humanistic nature requirements put forward by the bioethics to science as a whole and to medicine in particular.

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Автор(ы): Yu. K. Abayev