Materials and methods. The available literary sources, annual reports of the Regional Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology and Public Health, and of the Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital were analyzed. Methods of statistical analysis and hygienic description were used to process the data.

Results. In the pre-pandemic period there was a decrease in infectious morbidity and patients referral to polyclinic Cabinets of Infectious Diseases (CID) for acute forms of infectious diseases (AID); an increase in patient’s visits to the admission and consultation-and-dispensary departments of the regional infectious hospital; a reduction of the bed capacity of the regions and opening of interdistrict departments for infectious diseases; approval of a new organizational model —Regional Center of Infectious Pathology (RCIP) which made it possible provision of medical care of any type to the region patients at one clinical base day and night. During the pandemic of COVID-19 infection, the optimal version of the IDS multi-level functioning in the region has been developed; the infectious bed fund was increased due to re-profiling of somatic hospitals; organized medical assistance at home for patients having no indication for hospitalization; the material base of quarantine hospitals and departments of anesthesiology and intensive care was strengthened; the previous volumes of medical care for patients with other infectious and non-infectious pathologies have been preserved; an algorithm for the functioning of the IDS in the post-pandemic period (preparation for the next pandemic) has been developed.

Conclusion. The IS and reserve health care institutions in the region are to be ready for sound functioning under conditions of two regimes: a favorable and an unfavorable ones. The RCIP organizing and monitoring all types of methodological, advisory and organizational assistance to the infectious departments of districts and cities as well as reserve (quarantine) hospitals should coordinate the IDS work in the region.

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Автор(ы): E. N. Krotkova, V. M. Tsyrkunov, T. V. Yakusevich