Objective. To evaluate the effectiveness of the developed programs for the medical rehabilitation of patients with neuropathies.

Materials and methods. The study included 122 patients with compression-ischemic and traumatic neuropathies. In the first main group, patients underwent medical rehabilitation measures and assessed its effectiveness using the developed method (62 people), in the second — without using the method (60 people, comparison group).

Results. A method of medical rehabilitation of patients with neuropathies has been developed and applied. The effectiveness of rehabilitation was assessed. Domains were used that reflect the state of the functions and structure of the body, activity and participation, based on the “International Classification of Functioning, Disabilities and Health”. During the study, it was found that an improvement by two functional classes and a complete restoration of the limitation of life activity categories occurred in 12 people. (19,4 %) in the group using the developed method and in 6 people. (10,0 %) without application, an improvement in one FC occurred, respectively, in 29 people (46.9 %) and 29 people (48,3 %), improvement within the FC — 18 people (29,0 %) and 21 people (35,0 %). There were also cases with no result — 3 patients (4,8 %) and 4 patients (6,7 %).

Conclusions. The developed method made it possible to more accurately assess the dynamics in the restoration of impaired functions, activity and participation of patients with neuropathies, as well as to determine the reasons for the decrease in the effectiveness of rehabilitation.

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Автор(ы): I. Y. Chapko, Y. A. Ausiannik, A. N. Filippovich, V. E. Piarkova