The healthcare professional’s communication skills are an essential item today. At the same time, the number of studies devoted to the communication skills of Russian-speaking doctors is extremely scare.

Objective. To evaluate the features of a medical interview conducted by physicians of the admission department of
a multispecialty hospital for the initial patient visit.

Materials and methods. The study was carried out at the 6th Minsk City Clinical Hospital. We registered the features
(the interview duration, the number of questions, the duration of the patient’s first statement, the interruption of the statement by the doctor, the patient’s disease, the Charlson comorbidity index) of 99 patient’s interviews. The patients aged 63 [47; 75] years, one third of the patients were men (n=32).

Results. The interview duration was 6.5 [4.7; 8.9] minutes, the doctors asked 13 [8; 19] questions. In 44 cases (44.4%) the doctor interrupted the patient with a question before the first statement ended — after 9 [6; 19] seconds had passed. When the doctor did not interrupt the patient the first statement had lasted for 17 [7; 37] seconds. Patients with comorbid pathology required a longer time at the interview: with a Charlson comorbidity index of 0—3 points, the duration of the interview was 5.8 [4.3; 8.6] minutes while with the index of 7—9 points, it needed 8.3 [6, 6; 9.7] minutes (p<0.05).

Conclusion. The data obtained requires improving the communication skills in the process of medical education.

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Автор(ы): E. A. Dotsenko, M. V. Sholkava, E. S. Gritseva, V. V. Lasevich