Objective. To find a new method for quick diagnosis of the reproductive system connective tissue carcass, of the cervix in particular, before the delivery basing on the changed staining of the cervical mucus with the coloring agents chosen.

Materials and methods. Samples of cervical mucus taken from women on the delivery eve completed successfully are demonstrated. In order to visualize the mucus structure in a thick smear, the alcian blue and the toluidine blue have been chosen as the reagents used traditionally for proteoglycans contrasting. The samples have been stained by a thick drop of 1% alcian blue or of 1% toluidine blue for 1 min, the coloring agent residues have been washed off with distilled water. The stained samples have been dried for 15 min and have been studied macroscopically. The smear staining has been assessed in the RGB and CMYK color models.

Results. The alcian blue has been determined to stain the cervical mucus ortochromatically. The method may be used for identifying the mucus homogeneity and transparency, the dried mucus architectonics, and structural organization in the smear. The toluidine blue stains the cervical mucus metachromatically. The color of the samples separate areas depends on the chemical composition and physical-chemical features such as pH for example. The event has not been described in the available literature earlier.

Conclusion. The cervical mucus metachromasy has been determined in the study for the first time when stained with the toluidine blue. The patterns of staining and the method diagnostic value require additional detailed studying.

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Автор(ы): O. L. Maloletkina, A.V. Volchek, E. V. Melnik, M. L. Tesakova, L. M. Nebyshinets