A systematic review of main European, American and Canadian conciliation documents referring to organ donation, Spain and Poland transplantation manuals, Russian Transplantological Society clinical recommendations and Transplantology Department of Belarusian Medical Academy for Postgraduate Education methodological recommendations was carried out in the context of retrospective practice analysis of the transplant coordination service subordinated to Minsk City Executive Committee. Basing on modern data and relevant international recommendations as well as taking into account realities of Belarusian transplantology, common principles and terminology of the system organization of organ donation were proposed. The complete protocol of medical management for brain-dead donors was described. The protocol should increase the medical care efficiency in the Republic of Belarus for patients in terminal stages of chronic diseases due to organ and tissue transplantation.

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Автор(ы): U. V. Khmara, S. V. Golovinskiy, A. E. Shcherba, A. M. Dziadzko, O. O. Rummo