The incidence of head and neck cancer in the Republic of Belarus has increased in the last decade including those identified in stages III—IV despite the fact that most tumors of the cavity and pharynx can be diagnosed during clinical examination. The epidemiological data, the existing regulatory documents, the analysis of the expert commissions work on studying tumors of visual localizations in the late stages detection, literature data make possible proposal of
a number of organizational solutions to improve the head and neck tumors early diagnosis and propose a system for monitoring the effectiveness of anticancer control. The developed program defines the work organizational forms, the contingent to be examined, the specialists’ role and area of responsibility are allocated. Indicators of the work effectiveness analysis are proposed for the early detection of head and neck сancer making possible objective evaluation at the medical care various levels. The leading role is assigned to general practitioners providing active calls and examinations of the population aged 40 and over once a year. Comprehensive examinations, biopsies, sanitation of precancerous diseases are assigned to dentists and otorhinolaryngologists. The proposed program does not require significant investments in additional diagnostic equipment since most head and neck cancer can be detected by visual examinations and biopsy.

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Автор(ы): T. F. Migal, Zh. V. Kaliadzich, N. M. Trizna, А. А. Evmenenko, S. L. Polyakov