Objective. Determine the possibility of prolonging pregnancy in thyroid cancer.

Materials and methods. 188 pregnant women with thyroid cancer were observed. The comparison group included
74 healthy pregnant women and the control group consisted of 188 not pregnant patients with thyroid cancer. The studies were devoted to the problem of pregnancy and childbirth in patients with thyroid cancer history or that identified during pregnancy. It was conducted determining if the pregnancy could be prolonged on the background of the malignant process revealed.

Results. The analysis of long-term treatment results in the main and the control groups (median follow-up was 75 and 60 months) showed that the overall 5-year survival rate in both groups was 100%. For the control group, the event-free five-year survival rate was 94.4±1.7%, for the main group 97.9±1.1%, (p>0.05).

Conclusion. Wait-and-see tactics the surgical treatment delayed for after the delivery did not show deterioration in the immediate and long-term results of the delayed treatment for thyroid cancer.

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Автор(ы): N. L. Andreyeva, A. V. Yeshenka