Objective. To study the outcomes of treating patients with incisional hernia аnd to compare the variants of abdominal wall surgery as well as the long-term outcomes and recurrence cases.

Materials and methods. A retrospective analysis of surgical treatment of 203 incisional hernia patients was conducted. An alternative way of abdominal wall surgery was developed. The opportunity for simultaneous operations was shown.

Results. All patients underwent surgeries depending on the incisional hernia size and location. 77 patients underwent reoperations for the recurring condition. Totally, 143 patients underwent abdominal wall surgeries using mesh transplants in various modifications, 60 patients underwent surgeries with their own tissues. In mesh transplant surgeries, the sublay (81 patients) and the authors’ patented methods (62 patients) developed in the General Surgery Department of Grodno Clinical Hospital №4 were applied. Seven patients experienced the condition recurrences. No fatalities were registered.

Conclusion.  When we use the Sapezhko method it is preferable to reinforce the suture lines with mesh transplants for reducing the recurrence rate. Be sure to examine the aponeurosis post-operationally for additional defects in every patient with incisional hernia. Abdominal wall surgeries accompanied by simultaneous operations do not impact the recurrence level and make financial sense. The patients stay in-hospital correlates with the surgery extent.

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Автор(ы): A. N. Dudzinski, P. V. Garelic