The publication is devoted to the intuition role in the doctor’s practical activities. The notions of intuition and doctoring are defined. The conscious and subconscious spheres of human psychic activities are characterized. The intuitive way of thinking is shown to differ from the rational (logic) one. The attention is focused on the specific features of the intuitive cognition. The intuition importance for creative process is stressed, some examples of paradoxes in the history of scientific discoveries are presented. The value of experience and of the cortex associative connections and of the subconscious way of thinking is discussed. Opinions of well-known clinicians concerning intuition are cited. The intuitive cognition role in the doctor’s way of thinking (clinical “instinct”) is shown. The importance to save nowadays intuition in the doctor’s way of thinking is stressed. Practical recommendations for improving intuition are given.

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Автор(ы): Yu. K. Abayev